Free Recycling for old, broken or unwanted Panasonic Toughbooks

A Montreal Firm offers Recycling for Panasonic ToughBook Notebook Computers. For residents of Montreal West, NDG, Cote St. Luc, Hampstead and Ville St. Pierre we also offer a FREE Recycling Service for ALL your old Laptop and Desktop computers, ALL Brands, ALL Models including LCD Screens, cables, wires, etc.

For the first time, a Montreal based Laptop Specialist is offering to the public Free Recycling Services for all models of Panasonic ToughBook Notebook Computers, Tablet PCs, HandHeld and ToughPad A1, B1 devices.

Need to Recycle your old, broken, obsolete or unwanted Panasonic ToughBook Notebook Computer?

We help you recycle all Panasonic parts for the military and/or police models, fully ruggedized, as well as the semi-rugged and business rugged models as well.

We recycle Battery Packs, AC Adapter, Hard Drive Caddies, Keyboards, Optical Drives,
or any other imaginable part for Panasonic Toughbook Notebooks.

We are also a Panasonic Authorized Reseller and Dealer direct with Panasonic Canada.

We have sold Panasonic ToughBook Notebooks since 1989.

If Panasonic ever made the laptop, Toughbook or Notebook, then we can recycle it.

There is no fee involved for recycling. The service is absolutely free.

We recycle the following Panasonic Toughbook Models:

CF18, CF-18, CF19, CF-19, CF27, CF-27, CF28, CF-28, CF29, CF-29, CF30, CF-30,
CF31, CF-31, CF47, CF-27, CF48, CF-48, CF50, CF-50, CF51, CF-51, CF52, CF-52,
CF53, CF-53, CF71, CF-71, CF72, CF-72, CF73, CF-73, CF74, CF-74
CFW2, CF-W2, CFY2, CF-Y2, CFW4, CF-W4, CFY4, CF-Y4, CF-W5, CF-W5,
CFW7, CF-W7, CFY7, CF-Y7, CFT5, CF-T5, CFT7, CF-T7, CFT8, CF-T8,
CFF8, CF-F8, CFF9, CF-F9, CFS9, CF-S9, CFU1, CF-U1, CFH1, CF-H1,
CFH2, CF-H2, CFC1, CF-C1, CFS10, CF-S10, CFM34, CF-M34
CF54, CF-54, CFC2, CF-C2, CFW8, CF-W8, CFSX2, CF-SX2

If we forgot any model then our apologies we can recycle it too!

We recycle all Panasonic Original and Genuine Parts, including Battery Packs and AC Adapters.

If you require the hard disk drive to be removed and destroyed before giving up your Toughbook, then please make us aware of this fact and we will perform this service at no additional fee.

Please note that we cannot pickup individual units but for units of five (5) or more we can make arrangements to pickup your units.

Please contact Richard at 438-938-6240 or by email: canadanotebook@live.comCFALL

Our new store address is located at 16 Westminster Avenue North, Suite 100B (Basement), Montreal West, H4X 1Z1

Our hours are Monday to Saturday from 12:00 PM (Noon) to 6:00 PM.

We Moved November 1st, 2015

16WestminsterNOur old address was:
37 Westminster Ave. North, Montreal West H4X 1Y8

Our new address is:
16 Westminster Ave. North, Suite 100B (Basement),
Montreal West H4X 1Z1. Hours 12PM-6PM Mon-Sat.

The building is a 3-story high structure, beige in color, and has a Green awning in front and is known as “Le Westminster”. We have a sign on the top left portion of the front door, and we are located next door to the Patessirie de la Gare on one side and Sunsource on the other side. We are also located across the street from Pharmaprix and are located on the west side of Westminster North.

The telephone number remains the same: 438-938-6240

I thank all our friends and customers for the last eight years in our current location of dealing with our cramped quarters. Our new location is three feet wider.

I also thank those friends and clients who helped us move. Including: “Smitty” and Smith, Dave and Bill, Liam and Alphonso. Special Thanks to Joe the Teacher who helped pack while healing from a Hernia Operation and to Heather who showed with a Broken Knee but still helped us with much Recycling. All your help was greatly appreciated and we got lots done!